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Solution Design: The Hidden Side of UX

User Experience is not just about the user interface, it’s about understanding customer needs and creating a solution that addresses their needs.

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A Second (Usability) Date with Steve Krug

Usability speed dating: a series of quick usability tests that give attendees the chance to facilitate, participate in, and observe several tests in just a few hours. Get the inside scope about what it’s like to speed test with ATF’s Meghan Reilly.

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Assumptions pre-Interviews

Case Study: Customer Interviews

If your application doesn’t attract your target audience, your first question should be: why? Above the Fold interviewed their target market to discover why users seek out UX Designers, and why they don’t. Here are the results, as well as the process.

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Half of UX is 90% Mental

Mental Models play a key role in user experience. But what is a mental model, and how does it relate to relate to intuition, experience, and great design?

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The Right Test at the Right Time

A/B testing is often spoken of as though in opposition to usability testing. In reality, the two types of tests answer different questions and serve different purposes. Both have a place in a project; in fact, they often complement one another.

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Magic 8

Google’s Predictable Failure

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana. Google’s UX team is top of the line, and constantly seems to learn from the past. But what happens when history fails us?

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Photo of Casey McKinnon

Freshbooks’ Secret Sauce

What to Above the Fold and Freshbooks have in common? Both companies pride themselves on being user-centric companies. Casey McKinnon, Director of Product and Design at Freshbooks and to ATF’s Joe Baz discuss exactly what that entails.

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Interview with a Rocket Surgeon: a conversation with Steve Krug

ATF’s Marli Mesibov recently interviewed discount-usability testing champion Steve Krug. Their discussion ranged from Steve’s books, to his opinions on this rapidly growing field, to how to get a job through nepotism.

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Congratulations to Accessible Places!

Congratulations to Accessible Places!

Congratulations to the winners of Tap that App! In first place, Accessible Places, and our two runners up, Zazu and VoKnow.

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Above the Fold

Who Are We? ATF Debut Video

Provide some user testing for Above the Fold’s new video – how can a user experience company best represent themselves?

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