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Our Calendar: Stirring Up this Spring

April kicks off a busy spring season for us! Heather is speaking at Stir Trek, Jim is speaking at Boston Chi, Meghan will be presenting at DjangoCon in France (ooh la la), and capped off with UXPA Boston in May.

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A Flock of Thankful Turkeys

It’s Thanksgiving, a time for gratitude and compassion (and overeating). This year has given the Above the Fold team endless reasons to be thankful – from new spaces to new opportunities – here are just a few things that we’re grateful for this season.

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Car Assembly Line

The Skinny on Lean UX

Waterfall. Agile. User Experience. Lean. In a field of buzzwords, the one you’ve probably heard most lately is Lean UX. But Lean UX is more than just the latest fad. An emerging methodology for designing digital products, Lean UX shortens the feedback loop between design and development by removing anything that’s unnecessary to provide value for the customer.

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Heather O’Neill

Heather O’Neill Becomes a Managing Partner at Above the Fold

A great business partner is not easy to find. When you start a business, it’s rare to find someone who will be as invested in it as you are, who can share in its hopes and aspirations as well as its trials and setbacks, and who’s willing to help make the hard decisions in addition to the easy ones.

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NuoDB Responsive Design

Responsive Design for Cloud Database Startup

What is responsive design, and how did it help the Cambridge tech startup NuoDB? Above the Fold redesigned NuoDB’s website to provide the best experience across devices.

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$_GET['connected'] at Northeast PHP

$_GET['connected'] at Northeast PHP

Tweet Here at Above The Fold, we know that “raising” a successful software product takes a village. No one person or discipline can produce the best solution in a silo; it takes collaboration across all teams within an organization. That’s why we’re excited to be speaking and sponsoring the second annual Northeast PHP Conference (@NEPHP) […]

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Solution Design Cover Slide

Solution Design: The Hidden Side of UX

User Experience is not just about the user interface, it’s about understanding customer needs and creating a solution that addresses their needs.

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A Second (Usability) Date with Steve Krug

Usability speed dating: a series of quick usability tests that give attendees the chance to facilitate, participate in, and observe several tests in just a few hours. Get the inside scope about what it’s like to speed test with ATF’s Meghan Reilly.

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SaaS without UX? Unconscionable!

SaaS adoption is on the rise – forecast to increase nearly 18% last year! Curt Raffi tells us how SaaS companies can offer a little extra when it comes to UX.

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Game controller

Gamifying UX Design

As user experience designers, we constantly seek new ways to engage users, so gamification is a natural step. How do gamification and UX techniques overlap?

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