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Photo of Casey McKinnon

Freshbooks’ Secret Sauce

What to Above the Fold and Freshbooks have in common? Both companies pride themselves on being user-centric companies. Casey McKinnon, Director of Product and Design at Freshbooks and to ATF’s Joe Baz discuss exactly what that entails.

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Confab 2011

Hashing Content (Confab Part 2)

How do you know that the content you are producing is effective? At Confab, the first North American content strategy conference, Ahava Leibtag and Aaron Watkins demonstrate that with iterative usability testing, you can validate the content you produce.

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Trust in UX

Can You Trust News to be Accurate?

News organizations make a point of having up to the minute news. But are their sites up to date? We’ve found that many are not; where is the disconnect?

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Personas: Fictional Users for Real Clients

You may already know your clients. But personas can help you keep them at the front of your mind through each project.

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Usability Finding of Correct and Incorrect Navigation Labeling

User Experience Design: The Misunderstood Piece of Web Design

What is user experience design and how is it impacting businesses today? Our inaugural blog post discusses the distinction between web design and user experience design, its focus on the customer and its correlation with business objectives.

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