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The Irreplaceable Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a creative genius in the field of UX. But was that a personality trait or a learned attribute? By looking at his story, we can decide whether there could ever be a “next” Steve Jobs.

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MAYA Innovation

The MAYA Principle – Jim O’Neill On UX Booth

Tweet Above the Fold’s Jim O’Neill is being featured this week on UX Booth, for his article about Raymond Loewy’s Most Advanced Yet Acceptable (MAYA) principle, “Designing the Future, Gradually“. We recommend reading the whole post, but here’s a teaser, to whet your appetite:   Good design…raises the bar for what people expect from their […]

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Gamestorming at Boston PHP

On May 24, Dave Gray presented the theory and techniques behind Gamestorming: a creative process that allows people to collaborate on ideas through games. Above the Fold and BostonPHP were proud to host such an enlightening and inclusive evening.

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Sample notes of Party Invitation

5 Powerful Ways to Brainstorming with Teams

At UX Boston, we uncovered a large mix of extremely valuable brainstorming exercises from the book Gamestorming. In this post, we reveal five of the most important ones as it pertains to user experience consulting.

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