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Lean Day UX: This Friday in NYC

Lean Day UX: This Friday in NYC

Lean Day UX is a one-day, single track event focused on case studies and best practices implementing Lean Startup and Lean UX in the enterprise.

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Magic 8

Google’s Predictable Failure

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana. Google’s UX team is top of the line, and constantly seems to learn from the past. But what happens when history fails us?

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MAYA Innovation

The MAYA Principle – Jim O’Neill On UX Booth

Tweet Above the Fold’s Jim O’Neill is being featured this week on UX Booth, for his article about Raymond Loewy’s Most Advanced Yet Acceptable (MAYA) principle, “Designing the Future, Gradually“. We recommend reading the whole post, but here’s a teaser, to whet your appetite:   Good design…raises the bar for what people expect from their […]

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Will Change Kill Your Site?

Both Facebook and Meetup have undergone major redesigns in the past few months. How are users reacting? Are the redesigns successful? Most importantly: if your users demanded it, would you rescind a major redesign?

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User Interface Design for Expert Model Analysis | PTC University

Client Showcase: PTC University

We’re pretty excited to show some screens of UI design and iconography work we did and continue to do for PTC University. PTC University is the learning, adoption, and training arm of PTC, a software company that helps folks like Nasa and Boeing with product development.

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Great Questions Lead to Great Design

Every great designer has a list of great questions to kick off a project and keep it running smoothly. Jason Robb, guest blogger for Above the Fold, shares the questions he asks and how those questions help direct his projects.

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Personas: Fictional Users for Real Clients

You may already know your clients. But personas can help you keep them at the front of your mind through each project.

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Usability Without Borders

Highlighting Spanish-language Mozilla for its excellent usability in spite of a language barrier, Marli Mesibov provides tips for good usability in the face of all obstacles.

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Shiny Sites: All that Glitters…

Above the Fold evaluates a number of sites with flashy videos, movement, and lights. We take a look at when these are effective tools to draw in clients, and when they are pure distraction.

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