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Five Basics of Usability

Achieving good usability is the first and most important step toward creating a good experience. Carolyn Sullivan brings us through 5 basic steps of usability to get you started.

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A Thanksgiving for the Mind

Above The Fold shares some of the many things on each of our recent reading lists, from books to articles and blogs to online videos, seminars, and training courses. Stuff your mind with a cornucopia of hearty goodness, with no tryptophan-induced side effects.

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Illusion of Speed

The Illusion of Speed – Joe Baz on Yottaa

This week, on Yottaa’s Web Performance Optimization blog, Joe Baz is featured with his article, “The Illusion of Speed.” In this article, Joe explores perception, reality, and how it affects the user experience.

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Magic 8

Google’s Predictable Failure

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana. Google’s UX team is top of the line, and constantly seems to learn from the past. But what happens when history fails us?

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MAYA Innovation

The MAYA Principle – Jim O’Neill On UX Booth

Tweet Above the Fold’s Jim O’Neill is being featured this week on UX Booth, for his article about Raymond Loewy’s Most Advanced Yet Acceptable (MAYA) principle, “Designing the Future, Gradually“. We recommend reading the whole post, but here’s a teaser, to whet your appetite:   Good design…raises the bar for what people expect from their […]

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Interview with a Rocket Surgeon: a conversation with Steve Krug

ATF’s Marli Mesibov recently interviewed discount-usability testing champion Steve Krug. Their discussion ranged from Steve’s books, to his opinions on this rapidly growing field, to how to get a job through nepotism.

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Trust in UX

Can You Trust News to be Accurate?

News organizations make a point of having up to the minute news. But are their sites up to date? We’ve found that many are not; where is the disconnect?

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Joe and Curt

A Pain in the SaaS: MassTLC 2010 unConference (Part 2)

What are some of the challenges and monetization problems facing SaaS companies today? Joe Baz shares some of the highlights from the MassTLC session and adds perspective to the various SaaS business models.

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Broken Computers

Fix What’s Broken with User Experience Design

On every web application there are items that are just assumed to be “broken” without solutions. But are these really issues users need to just accept and work around? Some of them are actually items a user experience designer can identify and solve.

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Personas: Fictional Users for Real Clients

You may already know your clients. But personas can help you keep them at the front of your mind through each project.

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