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A Second (Usability) Date with Steve Krug

Usability speed dating: a series of quick usability tests that give attendees the chance to facilitate, participate in, and observe several tests in just a few hours. Get the inside scope about what it’s like to speed test with ATF’s Meghan Reilly.

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A Thanksgiving for the Mind

Above The Fold shares some of the many things on each of our recent reading lists, from books to articles and blogs to online videos, seminars, and training courses. Stuff your mind with a cornucopia of hearty goodness, with no tryptophan-induced side effects.

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Interview with a Rocket Surgeon: a conversation with Steve Krug

ATF’s Marli Mesibov recently interviewed discount-usability testing champion Steve Krug. Their discussion ranged from Steve’s books, to his opinions on this rapidly growing field, to how to get a job through nepotism.

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Four Easy Steps to In-House Testing

Last week we discussed the pros and cons of in-house usability testing. This week we are following up with a set of tips on how to start your own in-house usability tests.

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Anyone can make a pie, yet bakers are still in business.

Usability Testing: Easy as Pie

Usability experts from Steve Krug to Christine Perfetti are encouraging clients to do their own in-house usability testing, and yet it is a hotly debated topic. Marli Mesibov looks at what this means for user experience professionals, and why Above the Fold supports in-house testing.

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