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Photo of Casey McKinnon

Freshbooks’ Secret Sauce

What to Above the Fold and Freshbooks have in common? Both companies pride themselves on being user-centric companies. Casey McKinnon, Director of Product and Design at Freshbooks and to ATF’s Joe Baz discuss exactly what that entails.

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Interview with a Rocket Surgeon: a conversation with Steve Krug

ATF’s Marli Mesibov recently interviewed discount-usability testing champion Steve Krug. Their discussion ranged from Steve’s books, to his opinions on this rapidly growing field, to how to get a job through nepotism.

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Christine Perfetti

Christine Perfetti: Bringing Usability Testing to Your Business

Christine Perfetti, CEO and Founding Principal of Perfetti Media, shares her perspective on the user experience field and how usability testing plays its part.

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Margot Bloomstein

Content Strategy with Margot Bloomstein

Margot Bloomstein, principal of Appropriate, Inc., and content strategy specialist shares her perspective on user experience design as a whole.

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