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Mobile First or Content First?

Mobile first or content first? This week on Web Designer Depot, our own Marli Mesibov considers this question – and the answer may surprise you.

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10 Reasons Writing Isn’t Just Bulleted Lists

Confab 2012 is up and running, and Marli Mesibov is at the thick of it, live blogging about how to become a better content strategist. On Day One she’s at Relly Annett-Baker’s workshop, learning why writing is more than just bulleted lists.

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Sentence Deathmatch: a Content Strategy Exercise

As an exercise in content strategy and messaging the ATF team created an internal mission statement last week. To guide the exercise the team took some ideas from a presentation created by Kristina Halverson for UIE15. Throughout the exercise the team learned more about content, one another, and the company business objectives.

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