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NuoDB Responsive Design

Responsive Design for Cloud Database Startup

What is responsive design, and how did it help the Cambridge tech startup NuoDB? Above the Fold redesigned NuoDB’s website to provide the best experience across devices.

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Quantitative Content

On the last day of Confab, Marli Mesibov collects key takeaways about the quantitative aspects of a good content strategy. The sessions of the day focus on SEO, Analytics, and the economics of it all, which can’t be ignored!

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Content Creation From Theory to Practice

Content Creation From Theory to Practice

It’s Day Two of Confab 2012, and Marli Mesibov is back with more live blogging. Today we focus on practical application. Read on for advice from content strategists Relly Annett-Baker, Shelly Bowen, and Dan Roam.

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10 Reasons Writing Isn’t Just Bulleted Lists

Confab 2012 is up and running, and Marli Mesibov is at the thick of it, live blogging about how to become a better content strategist. On Day One she’s at Relly Annett-Baker’s workshop, learning why writing is more than just bulleted lists.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing World is a 2-day conference in Cleveland where content is king and creativity is queen. Marli Mesibov returned with 7 quick tips on improving content, from some extremely talented content marketers.

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Sentence Deathmatch: a Content Strategy Exercise

As an exercise in content strategy and messaging the ATF team created an internal mission statement last week. To guide the exercise the team took some ideas from a presentation created by Kristina Halverson for UIE15. Throughout the exercise the team learned more about content, one another, and the company business objectives.

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Confab 2011

Hashing Content (Confab Part 2)

How do you know that the content you are producing is effective? At Confab, the first North American content strategy conference, Ahava Leibtag and Aaron Watkins demonstrate that with iterative usability testing, you can validate the content you produce.

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Content Strategy Delivers (Confab: Part 1)

Content strategists have a strong message they want to tell the world: “We deliver value!” At Confab, the first North American content strategy conference, they demonstrated that businesses could quantifiably measure their work.

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Design vs. Content: Collaboration Comes First

Designers usually plead to see the content before they begin designing, and writers usually plead to see the design before they can start writing…How do we solve this dilemma and is there a workable solution.

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Margot Bloomstein

Content Strategy with Margot Bloomstein

Margot Bloomstein, principal of Appropriate, Inc., and content strategy specialist shares her perspective on user experience design as a whole.

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