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The Irreplaceable Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a creative genius in the field of UX. But was that a personality trait or a learned attribute? By looking at his story, we can decide whether there could ever be a “next” Steve Jobs.

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Half of UX is 90% Mental

Mental Models play a key role in user experience. But what is a mental model, and how does it relate to relate to intuition, experience, and great design?

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7 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing World is a 2-day conference in Cleveland where content is king and creativity is queen. Marli Mesibov returned with 7 quick tips on improving content, from some extremely talented content marketers.

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The Right Test at the Right Time

A/B testing is often spoken of as though in opposition to usability testing. In reality, the two types of tests answer different questions and serve different purposes. Both have a place in a project; in fact, they often complement one another.

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Magic 8

Google’s Predictable Failure

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana. Google’s UX team is top of the line, and constantly seems to learn from the past. But what happens when history fails us?

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Sentence Deathmatch: a Content Strategy Exercise

As an exercise in content strategy and messaging the ATF team created an internal mission statement last week. To guide the exercise the team took some ideas from a presentation created by Kristina Halverson for UIE15. Throughout the exercise the team learned more about content, one another, and the company business objectives.

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Trust in UX

Can You Trust News to be Accurate?

News organizations make a point of having up to the minute news. But are their sites up to date? We’ve found that many are not; where is the disconnect?

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Will Change Kill Your Site?

Both Facebook and Meetup have undergone major redesigns in the past few months. How are users reacting? Are the redesigns successful? Most importantly: if your users demanded it, would you rescind a major redesign?

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photo by Donna Grayson

Four Easy Steps to In-House Testing

Last week we discussed the pros and cons of in-house usability testing. This week we are following up with a set of tips on how to start your own in-house usability tests.

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User Interface Design for Expert Model Analysis | PTC University

Client Showcase: PTC University

We’re pretty excited to show some screens of UI design and iconography work we did and continue to do for PTC University. PTC University is the learning, adoption, and training arm of PTC, a software company that helps folks like Nasa and Boeing with product development.

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