Giving Thanks

By Heather O'Neill

“People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” Though a cheesy quote, it’s very apt in the UX industry, where we know that relationships are key and understanding users leads to great products.

This Thanksgiving, we at Above the Fold are focusing our thanks on the relationships we have with people, from UX community to our clients & partners, colleagues & friends. Here are a few relationships we value greatly; we hope they inspire you to consider the people & things you’re thankful for this year!

New Leaf Legal

Heather: “Lawyers, as a profession, can conjure a fairly negative expectation of power suits, exorbitant hourly rates, money grubbing and lies. Enter New Leaf Legal, the antithesis of these lousy traits. Jess, Shannon and the rest of the team have taken time over the years to invest in our company, make recommendations to help our business, and have a fast turn around time (sometimes within an hour, with edits!) Rarely, if ever, in suits, New Leaf Legal is a team of professional experts who haven’t left their humanity behind; we are so lucky to have them supporting our business and can’t possibly recommend them enough.”

Mingl, for Web and Mobile Agencies

Joe: “I’m thankful for my peers at Mingl. We’re a small and exclusive business networking group for like-minded execs of Web/Mobile agencies. I created the group as an opportunity to get together for dinner and drinks and discuss challenges with our respective businesses. We all receive tremendous insight on how to solve our challenges. The model has worked so well that one business associate is creating a larger scale version, to encourage thought provoking discussions!”

The Boston Business Community

Marli: “The Boston business community has always been a tight-knit group, but this year we really felt their support. In the UX arena, UX Social hour has grown to nearly 500 people, and in the wake of Hurricane Sandy the business community came together to donate $2250 to the Red Cross.”

Northeastern Co-op Program

Brian: “Most internships only last a summer, but we were lucky enough to team up with Northeastern University to hire a co-op, meaning we had a Northeastern student in the design field working full-time for us for six months. From January through June our co-op, Sarah was a wonderful asset, and the six months she was with us allowed us to both invest in her growth and integrate her with the UX design team across multiple projects. We look forward to having two co-ops in 2013, adding to their training and gaining from their fresh perspectives.

Our Newest UX Designer, Brian

Jim: “Far more than any tools or resources, I am incredibly thankful that Brian Del Giudice joined our team at Above the Fold this year. His deep experience in product design and management have already taught me a lot, while he has quickly learned the ropes of the occasionally frenetic agency world. Having such an excellent senior designer, whose skills and ever-positive attitude I know I can rely on, has helped me in many ways – most notably, it has let me relax a little!”

Northeast PHP Leadership Team

Heather: “Any first-time undertaking is fraught with peril, but through the support and continued efforts of the leadership team, NEPHP was immensely successful. We not only co-hosted our first conference, but we learned even more about how to work with teams for success no matter the challenges. Read more about how to work better with your UX team by reading our blog post, Teaming with Success.”

Smart Interfaces for Staying Connected

Meghan: “I didn’t realize how codependent the iPhone and I were until I referred to it as an extension of myself. My phone is a constant inspiration – no company has done more than Apple to help UX professionals become so in demand. It is a reminder of why we are in the UX field to begin with – to provide people with applications and products they love to use.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends, families, clients, and colleagues!

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