Overcoming Resistance to Change: The MAYA Principle

By Brian

Great design can change (and raise) our expectations about our experiences. The chief obstacle to great design, however, is our own resistance to change. The industrial designer Raymond Loewy described the tension between the adoption of new ideas and our resistance to change in the design principle called “Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable,” or MAYA. View this slide share based on Jim O’Neill’s article The MAYA Principle – Deliver the Future Gradually to learn about how to design in gradual steps and overcome the “resistance to change” hurdle:

This slideshare was created by Above the Fold’s UX design intern, Sarah Park, and marketing intern, Andrew Turk. Sarah is currently attending Northeastern University where she is continuing her learning of all things design. Andrew is a junior at Tufts University, where he is studying psychology and business.

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