Spooky Site Redesigns

By Marli Mesibov

BOO! Though FDR told us “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” everyone has a secret (or not-so-secret) fear. What’s the scariest sight you can imagine? How about the scariest site?

This year has been a scary one. Netflix is terrified from their stock drop, Apple is feeling fear over the loss of Steve Jobs, Bank of America’s fright has turned into a reign of terror, and Yahoo panicked so much they fired CEO Carol Bartz last month.

In honor of Halloween we took advantage of a great excuse to practice UX. We have redesigned four popular websites to suggest the concept of “fear.” Do any of these hit your fear factor?

Have a scary Halloween!

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  • Cara

    love it!

  • Mark B

    I think the BofA redo is the scariest!

    • Anonymous

      I love the Target one, but the BofA one is definitely appropriate for the times. :-P

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    Ya you redesigned these  websites well and do suggest concept of “fear”.. And theme applied is great too..

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