Test a Mobile App, Get Free Coffee

By Marli Mesibov

For contestants in our Tap that App competition this spring, the excitement came to a close in June. But for us at ATF, and for our winners at Accessible Places, the excitement had just begun. Since announcing Accessible Places’ site as the winner of free usability testing in June, we have accomplished quite a bit:

  • Accessible Places and ATF met for the first time on Friday, June 24th to discuss business objectives and brainstorm on the study plan
  • ATF created a study plan for on-site mobile usability testing
  • ATF developed a mobile testing sled (pictures coming soon)
  • ATF is now recruiting testers!

And that’s where you come in. Three volunteers will each receive a $25 Starbucks gift card in exchange for a few hours of time helping us out. Do you meet the criteria?

  1. Do you have experience using a touch-enabled mobile device (such as an iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android phone)?
  2. Are you local to the Boston area and able to travel to ATF’s office in Cambridge for testing?
  3. Are you comfortable being recorded on video during the testing session?
  4. Are you interested in being a part the Tap that App testing experience, and helping guide the future of Accessible Places’ app?

Leave a comment or email us to volunteer today!

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