Who Are We? ATF Debut Video

By Marli Mesibov

Test Out the ATF video in less time than it takes to make instant popcorn.

As we grow as a company, we value input from our clients, partners, friends, family, and everyone in between. As part of this development, we have created our first (but not last) Above the Fold video.

This video is intended to give you an understanding of who we are and what we do. Although we completed the video several months ago, we see it as a first step – we want your feedback to help us learn what our next iteration should look like.

  • What did you learn about Above the Fold from watching the video?
  • What questions did the video leave you with?
  • What does this video tell you about us as a company?

We welcome your comments, however you found us, however you know us. Leave a comment or email us with your thoughts.

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  • http://learningcentered.org Susan Herman, Educational Reform Specialist

    I don’t know what makes a company stand out.
    I liked the verbiage from all of you. I did not like the footage of Heather with her hair in her face—very distracting. I would cut out the few minutes of the close up of Joe writing, because you don’t see what he is writing, just his hand.
    I think it’s a good video, but not particularly outstanding. I just don’t have anything to really suggest.